Windows XP open to exploitation
Researchers have found that computers running Windows XP are more likely to be affected by the latest cyber attacks, including Cryptolocker. 

Cryptolocker is a ransomware which is capable of encrypting files on an infected computers hard drive. Cryptolocker uses 1024 and 2048 bit encryption keys, making it impossible to decrypt an infected computer. Although Windows XP is more vulnerable, all versions of Windows are susceptible to this malware.

A statement released by UK Police states that Tens of millions of internet users could be at risk from "ransom" email spam seemingly sent from financial institutions.

The email has an attachment that looks legitimate but is malware that encrypts computer files.

If the attachment is opened, a displayed countdown timer demands a ransom to decrypt the files.

Cryptolocker demands payment of 2 bitcoins for a decryption key. 

Reports suggest that people who have paid the ransom have not had their files decrypted and it has been impossible to restore encrypted files.

More information on Cryptolocker can be found HERE

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