GoDaddy - why you should NEVER use them ......
For almost 10 years we have hosted client websites with GoDaddy, but since Bob Parsons sold out to a bunch of investors who know NOTHING about domains or hosting (only about advertising and making huge profits) the service level has dropped to well below what should be acceptable in today's day and age.

Many clients have lost business, had irreparable damage done to their reputations and business goals and instead received poor, or a total lack of support from this global company. 

As developers it is frustrating to be berated and belittled by idiots on customer service telephones who are scripted and believe everyone is a monkey and knows nothing about the service GoDaddy offers. WRONG! You cannot get hold of anyone other than these numptees (who I believe are paid to ensure that you can't escalate issues, or speak to anyone at a higher level) to sort out issues.

We have lost valuable clients as a DIRECT result of GoDaddy and their practices, and try as we might, we can't get as far as a conversation with any responsible person at GoDaddy. 

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